Melvin gordon trade help

Standard 10-team
I get: melvin gordon and kyle rudolph
I give: nick chubb and zach ertz

The TEs available on the waivers are:
Greg olsen
Austin hooper
Ed dickson

Should i do it?

Forgot to tell you my team:
Gurley, cmc, conner, chubb, ito
Davante, michael thomas, marvin jones, godwin
Ravens d/st
6-2 1st place

Absolutely, and pick up Olsen. Gordon is a guaranteed top 5 back and easily the best player in this deal

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I like that trade, your adding more running back depth and I feel like you can stream the TE position!

The flip side after you make the trade you might be able to flip another running back for an even better player since you have so many good RBs

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Thats my feeling, im not sure he is 100% on board with this trade, if he backs down i might need to give cmc instead of chubb, is it still a good trade?

i Think you would be giving up more and it becomes more lopsided if you give up CMC and Ertz

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Yeah, this trade kinda feels too much…
The guy has barkley and gordon, if i can get any of them for ertz and chubb im doing it, if not i think im staying with my ertz

take the deal and run dude

What a deal, hell ya go for it. Great options to pick up off the waiver. I’d consider trading Conner or CMC too because you’ll have a tough time figuring out which ones to flex behind Gurley and Gordon, and you can maybe turn it into Kelce in the end if the Kelce owner needs Rbs.