Melvin Gordon trade stash

With this current roster - .5 ppr 12 team - would you accept a deal to send off Ridley for Gordon?

I’m starting Larry Fitz this week over Ridley due to matchup - Ridley has been performing due to TD’s but Fitz targets are appealing.


Curtis Samuel
Larry Fitz
Miles Sanders

Thoughts on value if he comes back to the Chargers…do they use him as normal or sit him behind Ekeler? I know there’s a possibility he gets traded. Once he returns I’d probably be able to trade off one of my other RB’s for a valuable WR

Hard to say, i think Ekeler has proven there is life after Gordon and he’s been a pretty dynamic player who has earned his rb1 start, i think chargers will trust him rest of season over Gordon because I’m sure a failed holdout leaves a bad taste in both Gordon and Chargers mouths.

I think you could possibly risk the loss at WR and take a chance on Gordon. Looks like you have enough depth that even if Gordon does not play you should still be good.

I agree, Ekeler has been holding down the fort but if Gordon comes back I think they use him - it’s a matter of how much. Does he take his role back to preserve Ekeler. But it’s a hit or miss