Melvin Gordon Trade

12 team 1/2 PPR

Been getting a lot of trade offers for Melvin. Some include DJ/Michel and Thielen/Breida.

What would you be looking for in return?

I’m in the same boat, but full PPR. Curious to see Melvin’s value to other owners. I feel like i should sell him high now because I really don’t think he can keep this up all year. Any update on your trades?

I think he’s stepped up a teir to where Mike and the ballers were drafting him at 6/7 overall. I’d want a rb1 and wr2 or wr1 stud (obj/julio/adams/ thomas) and a rb2.

I have David Johnson as a rb2 with potential to be 1. Michel as a rb2/3.
Theilen as a wr1 (back end) and breida as a rb2. Not enough to part with a top 6 guy for me…

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