Melvin Gordon -v- Alvin Kamara

agreed. that ought to offset some of the potential regression. I think he will be more involved this season, and perhaps a few more touches (run/pass) per game is likely within reason.

I agree with you normally but given the success of rookie RBs in recent history, they are going to give him the backfield. Also, when you invest 1st round draft capital, even if he sucks initially, they are going to give him the time to develop and play and get the reps to justify how much they spent. And I would say Penny is probably more talented than Carson at the end of the day as well.

Even last year, when it was clear carson was better, for some reason they still never handed him the backfield. Now with Penny there, it looks even more grim.

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I’m wouldn’t be so sure of that. He’s never been a workhorse either in college or the pros, and I don’t know that he was drafted to be either. Also, where he won last year isn’t where true feature backs are asked to make the majority id their bones. I expect him to get more volume than last year, but I’d be shocked if he was ever a Gordon level volume hog.

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I can see that playing out for sure. I think I am more saying that Carson is in the wings and is better than many seem to think. I suppose I am just surprised no one talks about him. Everyone is immediately talking about all the other backs (even McKissic). I probably need to drop my love of Carson, or hope he gets traded to bust out like Collins did (another drafted guy for me) :wink:

Kamara is a stud and fun to watch. He’s young and I see him coming close to last years stats.

I have watched boring Gordon get stuffed inside the 5 yard line 3 times in a row too many times. Ekeler also got introduced and has made a bit of a name so he will be chipping in to some of Gordon’s points.

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Yeah, I agree. I have had Gordon for the past three seasons and, while he has certainly helped my team, he can be frustrating. Eckler IMHO will not be much of a threat on an every game basis, but he does certainly offer something to consider as a threat to Gordon’s touches. I also like Justin Jackson quite a bit.

I think I am settled on Kamara. He is just too much fun to watch. I think there will be a shift from last year, but he will also be playing from game one which is a big shift from last season. I think the added work off set any lack of production per play.

Thank you for the thoughts :slight_smile: