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Melvin Gordon vs Ajayi


Alright people, here’s the deal. I own both gordon and ajayi…i can keep one. I can keep gordon in the 3rd or ajayi in the 6th. I have no idea what to do. Naturallly i’m leaning towards gordon…but as far as value, maybe ajayi would be worth more… ugh. I’m drafting 10th out of 12…little side infor for you. Any opinions or reasoning would be helpful. Thank you fooooootclan.


Based solely on the draft position I think you take Ajayi in the 6th but I can see your dilemma. I don’t think either were as good as their final stats reflect in 2016 and both seem to have real bust potential. I’d rather go bust on my 6th round pick then my 3rd.


i like the logic right there…i agree with you… i somehow lucked into both of them having decent numbers but not being that great. Thanks!!!


Tough call but I’ll take Ajayi in the 6th :smiley:


Just too much value getting Ajayi that late. Given recent ADP, you’re either getting the #8 overall in the 3rd, or the #13 guy 3 rounds later. If you ignore the exact player names, you’re basically deciding between two first-round(ish) talent RBs… and the 3rd and the 6th round.

200yd game potential is quite nice too.

And hey, Gordon is coming off an injury towards the end of last season. Ya never know.


First let me state that I do not believe in Jay Ajayi and I don’t think the Dolphins do either.

That being said, There is very little risk in the 6th. The biggest advantage is draft strategy options. Your first 3 picks can be 1 RB and 2 WR. By the 4th round you will have the flexibility to draft a top tier QB or TE without sacrificing depth at RB or WR. It opens up a lot of doors.


I’d go Ajayi because having your 6th round pick be a bust hurts a lot less than having your 3rd round pick be a bust. Gordon may have had a better fantasy season last year but both of them have bust written all over them (but of course, have monstrous ceilings) so I’d rather go risk-avert and take Ajayi.