Melvin Gordons dynasty value?

Is Gordon worth offering a trade offer in Dynasty? Or do you guys anticipate his production to dip in the next few years?

He’s 24 and each season he’s played has been better than the last. He’s going to be fantasy relevant for years to come.

Thanks for the insight. Do you think Ekeler will steal touches? He did some last year but then got injured. I owned Gordon in a few leagues, and was mostly pleased with his production to be honest. I’m just not sure if the Chargers truly see him as their guy with Ekeler there.

Gordon has never been the most efficient in terms of yards per carry but his ability to catch the ball makes up for it. Austin Ekeler definitely solidified himself as a complement to Gordon and may take some work here and there but def not enough to affect his production to the point to be concerned. Still a top 10 RB and very valuable in dynasty.

I think his value is high. He is young and becoming more productive, and when Phillip Rivers retires in the near future, the team can lean on Gordon if they have a rookie qb.

Gordon, when healthy, is a BEAST. Touchdowns, receptions, workload. He’s got it all. The problem is he seems to always have some nagging injuries that lead to his inefficiency. I think he’s actually a steal this year after after the big 4.

I actually went to high school with Melvin and watched every game, watched every college game, and have owned him on every fantasy team I could; so, I’m a bit of a homer lol. Nevertheless, I think he still has yet to hit his ceiling. He has big play potential that he hasn’t capitalized on yet. At Wisco he would constantly get 40+ yard TDs, and finally had one last year in the NFL.
So, on top of being talented, I anticipate his big play upside finally coming through next year since he’ll be 100% healthy.