Melvin or Jerick

I am drafting 1st overall and have the option of keeping Melvin Gordon for my 3rd round pick or Jerick McKinnon for my 16th rounder. .25ppr and .1 per carry, standard scoring outside of that. Thanks guys!

gordon. heavily in gordons corner. jerrick wont get much added value because its .25 PPR, and .1 per carry isnt great for him either. add in a muscle strain in his knee, them signing alfred morris today… a lot of red flags that were not there just a week ago. you know you get a workhorse back who will dominate the backfield and always be out there with gordon, and you get him at a 2 round value.


Gordon, all day. Hes a tier above McKinnon, he is just more talented and the safer option

Gordon in the 3rd is stealing.

Gordon for days. McKinnon is the most overrated player in this years draft. I didn’t like him before but now with Alfred Morris in the picture, I like him even less.

Gordon is a sure thing

Gordon in the 3rd this isnt even close, so your basically saying your going to have 2 STUDs. As the ballers have said many times Saddle a Stud and your going to be able to saddle 2 studs. hard to tell who will be there b/c of the other keepers but u have the chance to grab 2 stud RBs or a stud RB/WR and then possibly Grab Gronk if he is there at the back of the 2nd. You are set to have a roster that has huge advantages over others.

Gordon is an absolute STEAL with a 3rd round. McKinnon for a 16th is interesting though. What’s the rest of your RB situation like, and who will be available?