Melvin Stash?

full ppr would you guys trade saquon keenan and lockett for hopkins gurley and mike williams and melvin gordon
current team-
qb josh allen, kyler
wr keenan, lockett, boyd
rb saquon, cook, carson, miles sanders, breida, Mattison
te waller
Currently 3-0 should I ride it out or take the risk and hope melvin is the starter when he returns

With who you have I would sit on it, you’re team will keep getting you wins as long as you stream the RB who plays the worst offense week to week until Barkley returns. If you won this week when Barkley scores only a few points then you’ll keep winning with those other backs whose minimum should be what Barkley put up this week.
If I were you I’d trade Melvin for some other RB 2 because the risk/reward doesn’t look good with what Ekeler has been doing.

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Can you clarify… is it Hopkins and Gurley or Hopkins or Gurely?