Messed up as commissioner please help

I’m the commissioner in the league, Free agency was supposed to be FAAB but its set to standard and the draft happened tonight. I told everyone it was going to be FAAB. ESPN site says its locked after the draft. What do I do?

Offer league vote of:

  1. New FAAB league with new draft
  2. Keep current league and do FAAB next year

Go with the majority.

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Although it may be some extra work, and I am not totally sure it is possible, set up a new league with the correct settings, then proceed with the setting of an offline draft and put everyones players back on there teams exactly how your draft went.

Obviously make sure everyone is ok with that but I think this can work

That is the option I was going to propose. Shouldn’t be too hard as all everyone has to do is accept the new invite to the league. At that point you just have to manually plug in all the rosters.

Are you using ESPN?

yes, I’m hoping to fix it before thur games

I see there is an option under LM Tools to “reset draft”. This may allow for you to reset the draft, adjust the proper FAAB setting, offline draft and input the proper rosters. I’m not sure how it would exactly work out as I’m not able to fully test it, but it may be an option. Obviously make sure you have a full roster tally before.