Metcalf or Sutton Full PPR Dynasty?

Who would you rather have and why?

Thanks in advance.:blush:

Metcalf as Seahawks will have more a passing game this year and great chemistry between them (lockett remains the deep threat and Moore as WR3 will have minimal impact and target threats to Lockett and Metcalf.

Broncos have Sutton, Jeudy and Hamler and Fant for Lock to build on his chemistry with and find his go to player. Jeudy and Hamler could eat into Sutton targets, Tim Patrick and DeSean Hamilton are keen to find a roster place to could be game to game weekly plan to spread offense depending on opponents.

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Which team has a better,
Pass attempts-Tie? Slightly lean broncos
Negative game scripts-broncos
Target share- sutton
Red zone targets-sutton. Wilson likes to throw it to the tight end which they have plenty of
So im going sutton

To put in prospective- Sutton had 124 targets in 2019 with no competition for targets, since then Juedy, Hamler, and MGlll have been added. Metcalf had 100 targets in 2019 as number 2 to lockett, since then Dorsett has been added

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Seattle also has Josh Gordon too, he might be reinstated, I haven’t heard any rumors if he will or not but with the new CBA passing he has a shot.

I like the talent for both of these players and they both have a chance at being the 1 on their team, I don’t think you can go wrong with either one honestly.

Metcalf looked great last year, I have a feeling that he will pass Lockett this year as the 1. Sutton looked great as well and already is the 1 unless Jeudy supplants him.

I think in a lot of people’s mind the big difference for these two comes down to the QB. That being said, in my opinion I think Lock gets a lot of unnecessary flak. The truth is that he looked pretty good for a rookie, he went 4-1 with the Broncos when he started (the one loss being to KC), but for stats alone he had a 64.1% completion rate in his rookie year, for reference Russell Wilson had a 66.1% completion rate last year and he coincidentally also had a 64.1% completion rate in his rookie year. The average yard per attempt is in Russell’s favor by a couple of yards which could deflate an equal comparison to his completion rate. That being said, I don’t think the gap between Wilson and Lock will be as large as people think it will.

I lean Metcalf here. Sutton is really good, but has too many negatives going against him:

  1. 2nd year QB that was OK towards the end of the year, but definitely can’t rely on him as much as Russell
  2. The offense will probably just be middle of the pack
  3. They have way too many mouths to feed between Gordon, Lindsay, Sutton, Jeudy, Hamler, and Freeman to make me comfortable that Sutton will have any consistency in fantasy