Metcalf or Tyreek ROS

I could potentially land either of those WRs

I have one offer I sent and the Tyreek owner is thinking about it(I give Higgins and swift for Tyreek)

Metcalf owner needs RB badly, he said he wants a decent RB for Metcalf or Fuller. I would try for Metcalf(Swift for Metcalf) Metcalf owner has only Jamal Williams as his starting RB right now(Mostert is injured, Ingram Bye and that all he has)

my team is 1-5 in 12 team full ppr

QB: Big Ben, Stafford
RB: Cook, Jones, Mattison, Swift, Freeman, Moss
WRs: Golladay, DIonate Johnson, Higgins, Jefferson
TE: Fant, Higbee

If I were either of them, I know I could get a better RB than swift for those players. Higgins is a nice addition, but I’m not sold on him ROS yet. I think you’re going to have to offer Jones and then try to get THEM to throw in something extra. But you certainly can try to sell high on Swift and see if they bite. I just know I wouldn’t.

who would you target? Metcalf or Tyreek more?

ROS I think I like Metcalf, but I don’t think you can go wrong either way. Have you considered Diggs, though? Even in a bad game for Buffalo, he was still a target monster. Allen looked pretty average last night and still threw at Diggs more times than I could keep up with. Diggs is who I’m targeting.

I haven’t thought about diggs. Diggs owner could use Rb as well, he has Gurley, Gordon, Fournette and Mckissic. But I am not sure if he would go for it

I’d offer him Swift, Freeman, and Higgins for Diggs and a lower-end RB. That being said, you’re actually in pretty good shape at WR, so I would say you could also sit tight. I think Golladay, Johnson, and Jefferson all have WR1 upside ROS. Golladay has a nice floor too.

You could also offer that same combo for Reek or Metcalf. I’d rather give two middling RBs that one of your RB1s if you can help it.

yeah I think you’re right, I see a solid team on paper but yet I’m 1-5 but 3 games from top of my division, also lost Saquon at the start of the season. I am just looking for ways to get wins really

How in the world did you end up drafting Saquon, Cook, and Jones? That’s a crazy good draft. Did you make a trade for one of them?

lol I didn’t have cook at draft. I made some trades after losing Saquon.
I traded Mark Andrews and Marvin Jones for Dionate Johnson and Jonathan Taylor.
then I traded Fuller for Fant
Then traded Woods and Taylor for Cook(to the Tyreek owner)

would I lose too much depth at RB if I trade swift?