Meyers or Diontae

Half ppr who would you rather flex

Meyers against TB who cant stop letting WR do work against them with questionable qb play from Mac Jones with the points Brady puts up they should need to throw… also 14 targets last week.


Diontae coming off injury with what should be a big workload but also questionable qb play with big ben and facing a decent challenge in GB

I feel like it should be Diontae but the gut says leave Meyers in and for once not have a breakout on the bench

P.s AB is the 3rd option but not really feeling him for this week

My immediate reaction is Dionte, no doubt, but Meyers is intriguing and it seems like he is about to breakout. I think if either JuJu or Claypool are out, I would play Dionte. Steelers play in the late afternoon games, you could wait to see how you are doing after the noon games. If you are up, then play Dionte. If you need to take a chance, play Meyers.

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Right the traditional easy thought would be Diontae but Meyers has me thinking for sure 14 targets is a crazy number. I like that thought though wait on the other injuries and the matchup didnt even think about the times of the games.