MFFU (Marvel Fantasy Football Universe) 2021

Before you join too many leagues again this year, lock-in early on a league you’ll actually be invested in, and one with a Marvel theme to boot! Don’t like Marvel? No worries! First, what’s wrong with you, that’s like not enjoying cheese. Second, while there is layers upon layers of Marvel lore (both comics and movies), at it’s core the MFFU is about using your fantasy football expertise, and little else, to overcome your adversaries. Much more than blindly using an “expert’s” rankings and then setting a weekly lineup, features include:

  • A salary cap “draft” (FKA auction), get whom you want, there’s no luck-of-the-draw here.
  • A large league, but with small, flexible rosters to keep the FA pool viable.
  • A unique trophy of custom comicbook artwork that you can display proudly if you want or safely out of sight if your spouse wants–maybe, more on this below.
  • A weekly league pick 'em pool, don’t just win your matchup, benefit from someone else’s win too.
  • A weekly collection of prop bets, leverage your knowledge to “buy or sell” your way to a position of strength.
  • A weekly boom/bust prediction opportunity to keep your power up while others lose theirs.
  • A side-league–two for the price of one!–where you cooperate with your division mates.
  • A rivalry week, where you destroy your division mates.
  • A symbiote (not a literal one) to boost your strength when you need it most.
  • And post/pre-season activities to further cement your dominance.
  • Oh, and yeah, of course there’s Infinity Stones, duh. Manipulate time to your favor, boost your power against your strongest opponent, warp space to enlist allies, control your opponent’s mind and make their decisions for them, alter reality around your opponent, and steal the very soul of your opponent. Change the fate of the Universe itself… if you’re powerful enough to wield them.

Still not convinced? Just want the basics (too late)?
$10-$50 buy-in (see below) though there may be a free league if there’s interest, ** no cash prize **, 16-team league,, 1 QB/5 Flex, 3 Bench/1 IR, 1 keeper, salary cap, waiver budget, ½PPR, 4pt pass TD, 0.1 per rush attempt, 0.1 per pass completion, 2-pt conversions are worth full TD pts (4 or 6)

Not enough words for you? Try the complete MFFU Rule Book.

If you’re interested, message me -OR- reply here and I’ll message you.

A note about the dues and the prize: I’m still researching artists and fabricators, so dues are estimated at $50. If I completely fail to find something of high enough quality and reliability, dues will be a minimum of $10 and an actual trophy (cup) will be awarded.

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