MG dynasty Value

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to sell MG and my 3.04 for the 1.07 and the 3.08.
I’d be shipping MG to the Drew Lock owner whose RBs are Montgomery and Ingram so I think he’s desperate for a more powerful RB.

My other RB are Ekeler, Jacobs, Mattison, Ogunbawale, Justin Jackson and Royce…and I’ll either get Jonathan Taylor or Deandre Swift at the 1.04.

Shipping MG away for the 1.07 is in my best interest, correct?

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Maybe, but I think the 1.07 might be a bit rich for Melvin. I think he does well in DEN, but there are many people not so sold so his value might be harder for the owner to swallow. Try it, but then come back without his 3.08 if he balks. You do not really need that and it helps to appear and tip the scales in their favor.

Just my two cents!

Also, I hope you land either of those two at 1.04. I do not see them breaking the 1.03 unless you are in a SuperFlex league. Regardless, there should be a solid RB rookie for you at the 1.04.