MG3 trade, plus Justin Jackson

Been offered a 2020 1st, 2021 1st, Anthony Miller for MG, Justin Jackson, and a 2020 4th.

Is there a world where JJ goes full (or close) James Connor, Gordon gets traded, and I look like an idiot?

Is this a dynasty league?
If so are you in rebuild mode?

It is dynasty, not rebuilding. If I was I’d likely have already made the move. This would leave me with Dalvin Cook and Josh Jacob’s as my primary RB, with James White, Tarik Cohen, Brieda, Jalen Richard, and Alex Mattison rounding out the group. I feel like I’ll try and turn one of my 2020 1sts into an RB.

If you have a shot at winning this year, I would stick with Gordon.
It’s not a bad deal and you could have a decent year with Cook & Jacobs, but you have the potential to have 3 top 15 RBs, that doesn’t happen every year.

I wouldn’t do this trade, definitely keep gordon

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