Micbael thomas or robby Anderson?

Wondering if i should stay in the flames and start robby Anderson in a plus matchup over michael thomas. I know crazy right?? Any help is appreciated foot clan.

You would be a little crazy to do that. BUT HEY, watch robby go off and I’ll eat my words :wink:

But no go witht he stud.

If it’s PPR I think I’d go Thomas just because he gets doused with targets. And I have to believe the TD production is coming.

But Anderson has definitely been scoring more TDs and has a great matchup. So if it’s standard probably Anderson.

Start them both if you can.

Yeah sorry forgot to mention its a standard league. Lol man ill go for the glory and start anderson. My other wr is Julio so i gotta kind of start him.

Thomas deffiently. Much safer floor but if you have a flex I would start Anderson in the flex.

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Yeah im actually stacked on my team right now. Have ingram, melvin gordon and zeke as my rbs. But depending on the zeke situatuon anderson will.be my flex! Thanks