Michael Gallup or Robert Woods ROS .5ppr

Robert Woods hasn’t done bad this year, he has been unlucky in moments. However, Michael Gallup whether it be air yards or target share he is way up there on a per weekly basis and he even missed a couple games earlier this season. Who would you rather have on your team ROS .5ppr, and who has the best upside?

Thanks Footclan

Tough. I like Gallup better, but I like the LAR schedule alot better.
My brain wants me to say Woods, but I’d rather have Gallup on my team rest of season. I think Gallup has bother the higher upside and higher floor, but could be wrong.

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Tough, I said Gallup last week, but I think this is much closer unless Jason Garret is fired. That offensive showing was an embarrassment, and they lost 2 winnable games against 2 beatable teams. Gallup has the higher ceiling though.