Michael Thomas, a fantasy championship winner?

Anyone else believe he is going to be the WR1 of the NFL down this stretch? I do. His schedule is so nicely structured for massive shootouts nearly every week here on out. He is the clear primary in an explosive offense and such an elite talent. They should be playing to win the whole way through for home field advantage. I just paid up for the guy and happy I did it. Also notice my avatar change!!

Nope!!!.. Devante or AB all the way baby!!!

I got them both :wink::wink::hugs::hugs:

Ha! Hard to argue. Both very nice WRs.

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I don’t think he’s enough to be considered a “league winner.” But that being said he’s damn good.

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He could be but I think he will just be solid. Not high enough to be a league winner even though he is the only WR on the Saints Roster.

(Seriously, screw Drew Brees and Tre’Quan, how does he not get a single reception?)

Have you checked out his playoff schedule?

He has all the critical factors to finish the season at minimal in the WR1-3 range overall.

Elite skill
Great QB
Balanced offensive attack
Deep threat
End zone threat
Playing for something

He checked every box I was looking for in a WR1. It’s all a gamble, but he is the closest thing I’ve seen to an absolute for major production in the playoffs.

Thielen is way more of a league winner. Drafted much later and great play off schedule. Thomas was considered a WR1 (maybe slightly less than where most drafted him) going into the season.

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No question who had better draft value. No one in the league, probably short of Mahomes, can compete with Thielen. We’ll all see in coming weeks but I’m thrilled to have MT the remainder of this season.

Absolutely agree

I agree I’d be thrilled to have him aswell but like the fellas above have said I don’t think he’s a league winner !! No one player is ever a league winner anyway it’s all about building a League Winning Team my dude!!!

No doubt. Pretty common to have a catalyst among your team to carry you over that line, though. I’m betting on MT with my team.

Here is the roster I’ll carry into the playoffs. You think I have a shot?

Hunt, Zeke, D Cook, A Jones, KJ
MT, Diggs, Boyd, Hilton, MVS
Bears, Vikings


Not a bad squad man should hold your own… here’s mine







And a few options for Flex Henry and Funchess

Feeling good about it hahhaha

Conner begs to differ

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I disagree, I think Conner had better draft value than anyone because most drafted him late, or picked him up off of the waivers. That’s provided Bell stays away as the reports indicate of course.

Thomas could definitely be a top WR though. He’s awesome and is a threat anywhere in the field. I agree that he is an elite talent and will win leagues for some people.

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Definitely a league winning type. He’s better than Thielen to me bc of schedule and Diggs being there and their QB’s, but also similar to Gurley in that he’ll definitely be rested to an extent if the Saints get to a point where they can’t improve their playoff spot any further. That might not happen at all though so bank on him continuing to perform this way imo. Every game is like a grudge match theybhave remaining so he’s gonna be involved always. Bc it’s all against good or fantastic offenses: TB, Carolina, ATL, Eagles, Carolina again, Dallas (not in that order lol)

Thomas may be out performing where he was drafted but he was still a borderline first round pick or high second round pick in 12 team leagues. He’s not hurting you and he’s won you some games. I probably have to give ‘league winners’ to guys like the follwing…

Mahomes-who was drafted late and is producing at the very top. He went 13th round in our league.

Gurley-who was the correct choice over Bell/DJ and is performing among the top fantasy players ever

Conner-who was drafted late or not at all and is putting up the same numbers as a top 3 pick

Luck- 40+ touchdown pace for those that took him as late as the 8th/9th round and got great value

Matt Ryan- Again great value/outstanding performance

Zach Ertz - Clear advantage at the thin TE position. I might could say the same about Kelce, but Ertz was a bigger value.

Theilen - Historic start to season putting him on par with top WR picks.

Trubisky - If you were weak at QB then he has been ‘Mahomes lite’.

The jury is still out but some dark horses here are Nick Chubb, Kerryon Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Josh Gordon, even Tyler Boyd, whose current situation doesn’t look that favorable but who has also given owners pretty much WR1 numbers so far this year and was pretty much free for the taking.

Along with Thomas. I have a feeling these are a lot of the guys you are going to see on championship teams.

Playoff schedule is an entirely different thing though.

You and I share the same thought process and this is why I paid up for him. Then, to top it off, they play the Rams on championship week, probably for home field advantage. He put up 55 points with our scoring format vs Rams already this year.

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How come you dudes are failing to mention Melvin Gordon or Devante Adams in these
“championship winning teams “ both MASSIVELY HUGE studs aswell

MT is going to be on a lot of winning teams. What I see going down though is those willing to gamble on something that is pretty much a given and that is Lamar Jackson.

He’s going to be playoff gold. That is a QB+RB2, weak schedule and they still have the ability to make the real playoffs so lots of fight in the Ravens.

It’s going to be devastating going up against him. There is nothing saying he is not capable of doing it. Only the limited snaps he has had so far saying he can do it.

Can he throw in this league? Because if he is one dimensional with run only, he is worthless in the NFL as a QB.