Michael Thomas for 3 first round picks?

Should I trade
2 2021 1st round picks and
1 2022 first round pick

for Michael Thomas?

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Yeah, you probably should.

Proven talent over rookies all the time.

I’m a little concernés what happens to MT when brees retires but he should still be top 5 at worst.

Maybe you can try to send two 1st and a 2nd if you feel like that is too much

I want to say no but it is probably smart to take it. If those picks are potentially early I’d be hesitant because I think next year is strong like this year. I think potential long term young assets are appealing and those picks will be worth even more as 2021 draws nearer.

That said, it is hard to pass MT for lottery tickets. I think it is fair.

I would try to get one of the 1st knocked down to a 2nd. If you can get that it’s a no brainer, otherwise it just depends how high you are on Thomas. Your roster make-up makes a difference too. If you have depth its safer than if you have some holes to fill on the roster

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Are you in contention ? If the answer is yes than go for it