Michael Thomas for Bell or am I giving too much?

I am the Conner owner and the Bell owner wants nothing less than Michael Thomas or AJ Green for Bell. Been trying to get him forever, but he’s been pretty stubborn even though he’s 1-4 and falling out of playoff contention fast.

My entire WR list is M Thomas, Green, Evans, and Josh Gordon.

RBs are Gurley, Conner, Michel, Cohen, and K Johnson. Had Ajayi but now he’s useless lol.

It’s 10-man standard format, any info helps. I could also target DJ or Ingram possibly as their owner is 1-4 as well and barely won this week.

What is his team like? What else is your team like? I’m shocked you are 1-4 with these guys!

No, he’s 1-4. I’m 5-0, the only undefeated in my league so far. Sorry should’ve made that more clear.

His RBs are D Cook, CMC, Bell, Coleman, and Duke Johnson.

His WRs are B Cooks, Diggs, T Hill, Jeffrey, Agholor, and D Parker.

I would not make that deal. You have 3 stud receivers, Gurley, and Michel looks like he will be a very good play rest of year. If Kerryon gets the carries he has clearly displayed he deserves you’ll be stacked

I don’t blame him for wanting that much. Anything that can happen can happen in reverse. I started 1-4 2 years ago, the year i started really following the ballers. I went 9-4, won my division and a bye, and got to the championship. I lost by like 6 and it was the year DJ and Palmer got benched in the 3rd quarter of a blowout against GB. I was one pass from winning. If i had his roster there’s no way i’m panicking. Coleman + CMC + Diggs, Hill, and Jeffery is an easy win this week. Once Cook and Bell are back his team is fire.

All that said I still wouldn’t do MT for Bell.

Would you guys offer up any of my other players for Bell? Maybe try to get him in a package deal so I’m not losing as much, or just stay with what I have? I’m kind of on tilt with the possibility of losing Conner. If Michel stays good though I should be fine like you say but there have been reports of Gillislee talking to the Pats.

I wouldnt trade Michael Tomas for Leveon Bell. I would shoot for Ingram, stay away from DJ