Michael Thomas for Corey Davis, Marshawn and Conner

Which side of this trade would you prefer in a half PPR? I made this trade when the Bell owner in my league started to panic. Now with all this talk that Bell could holdout up to 10 game, I feel like I might have played myself.

I recently made this trade and my line-up is as follows:

QB - Cam
RB - Gurley, Fournette
WR - Keenan, MT, Landry
Flex - Cobb, Golladay

Ew. MT side every frekin time. That trade isn’t even remotely appealing to me. Esp since you have Gurley and Fournette.

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That’s assuring. I’ve been getting mixed opinions but I feel like I had to make that trade. MT, Keenan, Gurley and Fournette seemed too safe to pass up.

You made out like the Bandit. Completely trade raped the other side.


No way. MT is a beast hold strong you got a good team as is