Michael Thomas for Dalvin Cook (lost DJ)

Help Guys,

12 team STD League 2RB 2WR 1flex

RB Gillislee, Abdullah, Henry, Mixon, Foreman
WR Thomas, Cooper, Alshon Jeffrey, Garcon

Should I trade Thomas for Dalvin Cook?

I think that’s a good straight up trade and while you need a little more depth in both positions, I feel you’ll have more luck finding a WR on waivers/faab, than you will with finding a legit RB in a 12 team league that isn’t merely a handcuff or change of pace type back.

I personally believe Thomas will be solid this year but also more hit or miss each week vs. Cook who’s clearly their #1 option and a true 3 down back. My only concern would be if Bradford (injury prone) misses any games…could negatively impact their passing game and in turn limiting the run game and Cooks upside. Still, I would make this trade if you lost DJ. Still have Cooper and Jeffrey and should be able to find some capable WR depth on waivers.

Look for Godwin (Bucs WR) as a possible depth stash at WR. Turned heads in training camp and supposedly inline to have some impact this season. Anything happens to Djax or Evans, he’d likely be that next guy up and even with them in lineup, might still get some good looks. Zay Jones another good option imo that might still be available in your league?


Thank you. I did it. I think I have a lot more options now.

Willing to trade Derick Henry now. Lost my first game and I need a good Flex

Try to trade him to the team with Murray. He will be more inclined to make a trade.

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