Michael Thomas for Jonathan Taylor?

Considering trading away MT to receive JT.

Current RBs: Miles Sanders, Nick Chubb, Kenyan Drake, James Robinson, Chase Edmonds, Kerryon
Current WRs: Michael Thomas, Kenny Golladay, Courtland Sutton, DJ Chark, Darius Slayton, Preston Williams, MVS, Corey Davis, James Washington, Bryan Edwards

My team is riddled with injuries at the moment (MT, Golladay, Sutton, Kittle, no longer Sanders, dropped Mack) and took a bad week 1 loss. My RBs are obviously solid but drop off pretty quickly after Drake, and Chubb is a bit worrisome playing Bal and Pit twice and also dealing with Hunt. I just feel much deeper and safer at WR and that I can afford to give MT away for a good price. Thoughts?

Anyone have thoughts? We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs and 2 Flex

I think your ok at rb. Sanders chubb and drake, are great starting 3. I’d say your more weak at wr with all the injuries. Dont think I’d do Taylor for mt

Thomas’s injury may not be that bad. He may play on Monday. Be fully ready next week. I don’t know if that helps. I was listening to the FF cast today, it’s likely too risky to try to start MT with a Monday start, but don’t be surprised if he suits up and grabs points.

I guess if you made the trade, you’d be super stacked at back when Sanders is healthy.

I actually just traded for MT so im curious about Taylor to. I already have Adams woods and chark at wr

If you can I almost think you have to just to add some firepower to survive these injuries. I’d be kind of surprised to see an owner willing to trade a healthy Jonathan Taylor for Michael Thomas with the dreaded “high ankle sprain”.