Michael Thomas + Nick Chubb for Mixon+Diggs? Please help!

I’m trying to buy Michael Thomas cheap hoping he thinks Bryant may impact his numbers.

My Team:
QB: Rivers
WR: Diggs, Tate, Watkins, Fitzgerald, Sutton, Hogan(Planning to drop him)
RB: Gurley, Mixon, Ekeler, L. Murray, M. Brown
TE: Howard

His Team:
QB: Mahomes
WR: Landry, Jones Jr, Thomas, Brown, MVS, Anderson
RB: Chubb, Fournette, Breida, Martin
TE: Kelce

Bumping this post. Would love your advice!

Is his Brown, THE Brown or John brown?

Its THE brown as in AB lol, I dont think he’d be willing to give him up though

Umm the main reason I’d be hesitant to do that trade is mainly that I dont know what Chubb’s workload will be like moving forward. Duke Johnson finally got a breakout RB1 week after the OC was changed. Yes gamescript was positive for Duke, but I think the Browns will be playing from behind more often than not. Right now you have two RB1s. If you make the trade, yes you get Thomas and yes his schedule is awesome ROS, but there’s a sense of security you get when you’re rolling out two RB1s every week.

BTW I just traded Diggs and Mack for Thomas and pieces/picks in my dynasty. I’m happy about it, but I also wasn’t trading away an RB1 (and my league is dynasty so I’ll be keeping Thomas moving forward, I’m assuming yours is redraft). I dunno, I get why you’d want to, but I find it hard to trade away an RB1 for a non-RB1.

Naturally. I was curious about his WR depth. If it was John Brown I’d doubt he’d let Thomas go. But to anwer the Q, yes I would move Diggs and Mixon. You get the WR1 you need and Chubb has an easy schedule and is doing really well now.

I changed my mind, go for Thomas. His schedule is juicy AF and I think Dez coming in helps take away some coverage.

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True but I currently have two RB1 and one WR 2(Diggs) and 2 WR 3(Tate, Sutton). Also, even though Chubb had less points than Duke this week, the volume was still there for him. 22 rushing attempts. I think Chubb can be a RB2 ROS

I am trying to trade Diggs anywhere I can. His schedule stinks and I think the only relevant passing weapon will be Thielan. I would much rather have MT. While you do lose going from Mixon to Chubb, I think the gain you get from MT is greater.

wouldnt diggs be like a low wr1. I mean look at his targets… its crazy high.

yeah he’s getting a ton of targets, but his catch rate is like 60 something percent