Michael Thomas or Gibson

I’m in a 10 team keeper Full PPR league, my keepers are Josh allen, Dalvin cook, Kittle and either Mike Thomas or Gibson. Should I keep Thomas or Gibson?

I personally would keep Gibson. WRs are deep this year and RBs get pretty meh after about round 4 or 5.

Reports are Gibson is impressing in camp and WAS wants him more imvolved in the pass game.

However, if MT returns to form, he could be a PPR machine.

Both are good options, I personally just prefer RBs as there are less quality RBs than WRs.

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Full ppr I want Thomas here but I think it might be because I just always go wr heavy in ppr. If you didn’t have cook I’d probably be pushing for Gibson though .

For me ppr rb you can get away with playing receiving backs in style of White, Sproles, Thompson, Hines and more recently mckissic or Duke Johnson. It seems every year in ppr one becomes at least a rock solid RB2.

I don’t have evidence for it, but in my opinion ppr allows you to stream rb quite successfully or at least much easier than half or standard.

I will add its not something I’d recommend to stream rb. I’ve just found myself due to injuries forced into this scenario. A pitfall of wr heavy strategy.