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Michael Thomas or Lamar Miller, who should I keep?


Hey there. I’m in a 12 team, 1-keeper, standard league. I’ll be drafting from the 3rd slot on snake mode. Last year wasn’t good at all to me and these folks are by far the best I’ve got for starting 2017. I lean to Thomas, but an RB is always a great value…


As someone who owned Lamar Miller last year, I’ll tell you the answer is definitely Michael Thomas. You should have a stud rb available to you with your first pick (Murray/Ajayi/Howard) and then you start your draft with a stud at each position. Miller may fall to you at the end of the second if you want him.


Is there a cost for the keeper? All else held equal, I’d definitely go Thomas. I’ve never been a Miller believer, and never really understood the hype. He’s fast, but not actually that good.


Thomas all day. If you want Miller back at pick #3 then you can have him back but you should be able to upgrade with a better Rb. Thomas will definitely not be there for you in round 2.


Appreciate your input. I guess the only good thing with Miller right now is the volume. Seen from the first/second round perspective, your point makes perfect sense.


Not keeper cost @DFWB. As I said before the only advantage I see on Miller is the volume, and probably I’m a bit hesitant to fully believe in Thomas’ second year. Summarizing everyone’s input (@Kaiser, @nickk843), will keep Thomas based on his high ceiling, and in the fact that I could pick Miller back later in the draft (obviously after way better RBs - from thirs round on).

Thanks folks, you really helped me making up my mind.


I’d go Thomas. Could be a top 5 WR this year. Miller still has QB issues that could draw more 8 man fronts.