Michael Thomas rage trade

I’m trying so hard not to trade him just because he’s annoying me.

Anyone else on the same boat? I have someone in my league that has interest but keeps pulling his trades.

I just Rage traded Devnter Parker for Alexander Mattison because looking at him on my bench just pisses me off

If i were you i would try to trade for Kenny golladay or maybe AJ Brown

If your going to trade him, no matter the format make sure you get a great return. He’s going to be great whenever he does return. So either a bonafide RB1 or great package.

AJ Brown is exactly who I’m looking at.
Maybe I’ll squeeze hurt Mixon too.
I’m trying to just take a deep breath- this is when I make horrible trades.

Whats your team looking like?

It’s a 10 person Super flex league so it’s a lot of stacked teams. And we have deep benches this year.

Josh Allen
Kyler Murray
Adam Thielen
Allen Robinson
Will fuller
Josh Jacobs
Jon Taylor
Darrel Henderson
Alex Mattison
Jonnu Smith

Yeah definitely go for AJ brown you might be able to get him straight up. I am 100% positive MT will be active next week though so do you really wanna miss out on that? I would only make this trade if I was in dire need of a win. AJ brown all the way though

Thanks man- yeah I’m 5-2 and in second place. Plus the guy I’m talking to trade for Brown is in 1st with 1 loss.

I’m curious, what would you take for Thomas? If you were hurting, would you take Amari Cooper with maybe Montgomery?

Also… does he plan to play at all this year lmao

If I was hurting? Def not Cooper. Not at this point. Id take my chances and just wait for the win next week. I think bottom line straight up WR I take probably be Keenan Allen. Terry McLaurin maybe. But with Terry I would expect another piece. Maybe a Montgomery.
I think the minimum, at least ideally, I would want like a Terry and Gibson. WR/RB2 with WR/RB1 potential.

The person I got MT from was hurting.
Got him for Montgomery and Minshew(haha). It’s a super flex.

I’m trying to figure out what’s a fair offer to make to the MT owner in my league who is 1-6 right now haha but I’m also unsure if I should be in on MT in general

F it- (I don’t know why this trade has consumed my life)

Asking for AJ Brown and Joe Mixon (I know he’s hurt so I’ll take him and throw him on my bench). Final offer.

Haha. It’s ironic, but I have both Mixon and Brown and if you offered me MT for them, I wouldn’t accept. So if he’s down for that, do it for sure