Michael Thomas sell high?

With Brees going down for 6-8 weeks, do I trade Michael Thomas? My other WRs are: Deandre, Kupp & Tyrell Williams. It’s .5 PPR

It’s a fine thought but “Sell High” would’ve been last week. Experienced players know that his value goes down without Brees. I think you’re better off keeping him! He’s still an elite talent and should remain the #1 target. Sean Payton knows how to use his best players.


It’s not Sean Payton I’m worried about. It’s Bridgewater :joy:

Who’s to say Bridgewater is under center the whole time? They have Taysom Hill who Payton loves. Your receivers are fine and you won’t get an upgrade trading Thomas it will be a downgrade, especially if Brees returns after the BYE! Your team looks like it could easily survive the weeks that Brees is gone.

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