Michael Thomas Trade Advice

Would you trade Michael Thomas for Cooper Kupp and Royce Freeman? I mean Kupp has been really good this year but can he keep it up? Royce has a chance of taking over as well especially if Lindsay get’s injured. Something in my head tells me that Thomas as amazing as he is could have a worse year than Kupp plus getting the extra opportunity with Freeman could be nice. I’ve been back and forth thinking I’m crazy wanting to trade Thomas but I have some worries especially with Ingram back and all there weapons.

God no. Royce is not even startable in most matchups.

MT is one of if not the best WR in the game right now. You don’t trade away studs for WR2s and fringe RB2/3s.


No way , don’t do it

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OMG!!! DO NOT…I REPEAT…D-O N-O-T even THINK about trading THOMAS!!! I have Kupp and would kill for Thomas right now. Yeah…anything could happen…as we all know…BUT…NOOO…DON’T give Thomas away for anything!!!

As usual…could be wrong. I’m not the best at giving advice…but…I wanted Michael Thomas in the draft almost more than I wanted Gurley. I had second pick…so…you do the math. LOL

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Mike Thomas is arguably the best receiver in the game. You really think Kupp is more valuable than that? Don’t get me wrong Kupp is pretty valuable as he has the best chemistry with Goff out of the other WRs. But he’s not the primary target, let alone the primary scoring option. Mike Thomas is more Important to his offense than Kupp.