Michael Thomas trade help

I got two offers from the same person for Thomas. I’d give up Thomas and Smallwood and get devante Parker and McKinnon in one and in the other I’d give up Thomas, lynch and Aaron jones for Keenan Allen, Parker and mckinnon. Which, if any, should I pull the trigger on?

Personally if I were to give up Thomas I would want the best possible receiver in return so for me it’s the option where you get K. Allen.

Do you think that overall it’s a good trade considering lynch is basically my rb2 behind bell?

PPR or standard? Who are your other RB’s? Other wideouts?

Standard. I have bell, lynch, gore, a jones, Smallwood and Alex Collins for rb and Thomas, djax, john brown, Martavis and amendola for wr. I’m trying to upgrade my rb’s without significantly downgrading my top wr.

Keenan has much less value in standard.

I wouldn’t do either trade.


Yeah I don’t like what that does to your WR corps unfortunately and I think Collins is going to keep moving up the ranks in standard scoring…I wouldn’t move Thomas in either of these deals based on everything

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Thanks for the input. You may have saved me from makin a bad mistake. I’m going to hold off for now. Hearing that they may feature jones in Green Bay also makes me want to wait and see what becomes of him.

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