Michael Thomas Trade Value?


What do you think would be a good return for MT? Without that garbage touchdown today he would have had a dud game. Can’t trust him with teddy. Who should I sell him for?

I wish you were in my league lol. I’m offering up Kelce for him, but the guy who has him thinks Thomas will produce more without Brees than Kelce will with Mahomes. LMAOOOOOO

To give my insight on your question though, I wouldn’t sell low on Thomas, he should be able to maintain a high floor. Just expect his ceiling to be low until Brees returns.

Maybe this is a little outlandish but you might be able to buy low on Davante Adams, he’s had a rough start to the year based on a tough schedule, but has a crap ton of easy matchups due up for just about the rest of the season lol.

Kelce for Thomas is very fair. I’m looking for a solid wr2 and another rb2 for Thomas.

if you’re looking for and rb2 and wr2, to me it just comes down to what pair of players you think you can get. I would just look to players that have had slow starts that you believe can get going when or soon after you acquire them.