Michael thomas trade!

Would you trade Michael Thomas and Mike Wallace for Devante Parker and Tyreke Hill? .5 ppr Keeper league

Current WRs:
Antonio Brown
Michael Thomas
Donte Moncrief
Mike Wallace
Mike Williams

How many WR are you starting in your league? If it’s only 2 it’s hard to beat Brown and Thomas

Start 3. No Flex.

Hmm I’d lean towards no I think because of how pass heavy NO is and Thomas gets most those targets.

Parker would be a great pickup tho and Hill is better than Mike Wallace for sure.

Actually after I see you’re starting 3 I might take it. I think Brown, Parker, & Hill would be a pretty solid starting 3 almost every week. Brown is an auto-start, Parker gets tons of Cutler targets, & Hill scores 50 yd TDs in receiving or even punt returns.

Sorry for the flip flop :laughing:

I hope this helps.

Keep Thomas

With it being start 3 that’s definitely tricky… personally I would keep Thomas though