Michael Thomas trade!?

So, i made some trades and forgot to check for bye weeks(im an idiot)
All my wrs are on bye week 7: davante, juju, lockett and amari cooper

That said, i will have to trade for a WR1 or 2 asap if i want to win my week7 matchup.
I want to go after michael thomas, but i dont know what do offer. Any tips?
My team in this STANDARD 10-TEAM league:
mahomes/alex smith(about to drop him)
gurley, mccaffrey, conner, kerryon and lewis
davante adams, juju, tyler lockett, amari and mike williams(will pick up on waivers tomorrow)

I was thinking about offering something like conner + lockett + kerryon or lewis
Cause conner, may not have a lot of weeks as an rb1, lockett is valueable but having thomas i wouldnt need him, and kerryon or lewis would be thrown in there in case he doesnt accept conner+lockett.
Any tips?