Michael Thomas Trades

Trade proposal 1: my Kenyan Drake for his Michael Thomas

Trade proposal 2: my David Montgomery and Steffon Diggs for his Michael Thomas

Which trade is better? What other proposals would work? 0.5 PPR 14 team league

My team:

His team:

Might be more useful to see his team. You’re gonna need to cater to what he needs to get MT

Thanks! I uploaded screenshots of both my team and his team. Did they not get uploaded correctly?

Ohhhh my bad. I’d try Drake for MT, Diggs and Monty is too big a hit on your depth. Take it with a grain of salt though, I’m working on my trade chops lol

I would offer AJ Brown and Gibson for MT before I offered Drake.

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He declined AJ Brown and Gibson lol. Countered with Michael Thomas and Lindsay for Diggs and Montgomery. Would you do that?

He also doesn’t want to do Drake for Thomas straight up.

If you really want Thomas I might do it but his RB situation is so bad and AJ Brown could be so good I would probably not even the playing field by giving him Monty. Phillip lindsay as your RB 2 going up against Jacobs, Monty, and Drake is not even fair.

Yea, I’m not so confident about Thomas being the Thomas of old. Brees qb play hasn’t been that good but that may be because Thomas has been out.

He countered with Thomas and Malcom Brown for Monty and Diggs. Does that make it any better?

Personally I would never move a starting RB for a WR. Harder to find a RB than a WR.