Michael Thomas v Allen Robinson Trade

12 team Superflex Dynasty, 0.5 PPR.

I’ve been offered Allen Robinson and Melvin Gordon for my Michael Thomas and Royce Freeman. I think it could be close. If ARob clicks with Trubisky and gets back to form, it could tip the scales in the ARob direction.

But man…I really like Thomas.


It’s not ridiculous, but I’d need more. Thomas is the clear best player, and I’m very high on Freeman.


Good offer. I would look at it based on tiers. You are getting a tier 3 WR and tier 2 RB for a Tier 2 WR and a Tier 4-5 RB. Robinson is still young and developing. I love Michael Thomas but this is too good to pass up.

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That’s a pretty close / even offer. Would definitely depend on the rest of your roster. If you’re starving for an RB and this trade puts you in playoff contention, you could consider it. I would definitely try and get a juicer though in terms of more draft capital / depth players cause Thomas is by far and away the best player. Lot of questions around Arob.

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