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Michael Thomas Vs Need For Snead


I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on Snead vs Thomas? I love Michael Thomas but his adp is currently at 2.02 in 12 team ppr drafts and Snead is coming off the board at 7.07! I like Snead’s value and feel like he can put up some solid numbers this year. Brees is a perennial 5000 yard passer I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Snead can go for 1000 yards this year ad add 5-6 tds. What’s everyone feeling here?


It doesn’t necessarily have to be an either or situation. I do really like Willie Snead this year and his ADP is solid, but that doesn’t mean you pass on Thomas if he’s the best player available. Snead could be a reliable #2 receiver on your squad, but Thomas has top 5 upside you shouldnt pass on.


With Cooks gone, Thomas will now see Defenses #1 DB’s. Snead’s draft value is awesome. In standard mocks, I’ve seen him go as late as round 13. Brees loves to mix it up. Personally if it were me, I’d need the need for Snead. At Thomas’s ADP, so many other great WR’s are available. He’s got the talent and should have a good year, but if I’m deciding between the two and considering where they are at in drafts, again, Snead.