Michael Thomas

I am really leaning on taking Michael Thomas with my 13th pick in my draft depending on how the draft falls. but from everything I take from my leaguemates and knowing there tendencies and how they draft I feel I will end up goin RB and WR. I really think Thomas will be a top 5 wr this year but also feel he could regress. what are some of your guys opinions on this? thanks

Read the prediction on Thomas…Short answer, yes! Take him!

Can’t go wrong with the ol rb we combo. Thomas is pretty much a locked wr1. And any rb you take at 12 should be as well. To stsrt off with 2 top 12 at their positions is crazy valuable. Gives you the freedom at the next turn to choose whom ever is best on the board.

At the end of the day if you feel confident in a guy or really like the player take him! I usually go rb/wr combo as well. As to the talk of regression he’s a young stud in a good situation for this year, he will be great.