Micheal Thomas or A. Brown for zeke

12 team standard
My rb are: Zeke, conner, cmc, mixon, kerryon, a. Jones

Wr: Sanders, kupp, calloway, john brown

Should I got for Micheal Thomas or go for a. brown since both teams need rbs, I want a consistant wr

Man that’s a tough one. I like Thomas though just because he doesn’t have to deal woth another WR as much as AB does with JuJu. But then again, it is AB so that’s tough. Either one for zeke would be a win in any book.

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I’d go with AB based on track record and the fact that I don’t believe that the Saints will stay the worst running team in the league. Typically they have the most rushing yards in the league and it’s not typically close. This year they were dead last (haven’t check since last weekend). MT will still be great but I just expect things to change when Ingram gets reintergrated into the offense.

Thanks for the input, I think I will go for ab I believe he will end up being better over
All because I agree that NO will start rushing more when Ingram gets back

Standard makes a difference, I take thomas in PPR all day with his recent targets but AB is bound to have those big games that are worth more in standard