Michel + AJ Green for Diggs + Mixon?

Is this a fair trade?

My Team:
QB: Dalton, Rivers
RB: Gurley, Mixon, Ekeler, L. Murray, Mostert
WR: Diggs, Tate, Watkins, Alllison, Sutton
TE: OJ Howard

QB: Rodgers
RB: Barkley, AP, K. Drake, S. Michel
WR: Green, Woods, Funchess
TE: Graham

I like the green/Sony side of that. Green > diggs for me. RBs are similar.

I wouldn’t. You could be in trouble at RB if Sony Michel doesnt come back soon

Too much downgrade during the time Michel stays out.

What about AJ Green/Barkley for Diggs+Gurley? I feel like it’s pretty even, even though trading Gurley is crazy.

Give me the Green/Barkley side of this deal!

Yeah it’s pretty even, I’d still not trade Gurley for anything though.

No way man, don’t trade Gurley. Barkley is good but not near Gurley’s production this year. I like Green a lot and would stick with Michel/Green for Diggs/Mixon. Mixon is good but not a ton of production recently. Michel will be back in a couple of weeks and you need a solid WR1. Diggs is good, but hasn’t had the production like Green has with Thielen in the way. If you take a trade I’d go with the latter and keep Gurley. Gurley is a monster in this league!

Wouldn’t blame you for taking the Green/Barkley side! If you are pretty sure you’re getting in the playoffs even more reason to take it! Gurley might sit come playoffs. Might only play one quarter!

I don’t think McVay will sit sit Gurley in week 16 if they are playing for home field advantage. There’s still a lot of season left in a competitive NFC division so I think it will come down to those week 16/17 games. Week 16 at the least.

Week 16 that’s championship week for most leagues. And they are playing Arizona so…I think he sits.

That’s kind of what my worry is. Our championship week is week 16 so I’m afraid that they may sit their starters for multiple weeks if they get enough of a lead.

Then again, they only may play Gurley for like half the game since sitting your starters for multiple games before playoffs may not be beneficial.

That is possible to! A half out of Gurley vs ARI might be all you need though to be honest.