Michel and Brieda for Bell

Hey FootClan. I have a trade question. I am 3-4 in my full point PPR league. My team consists of:
Russell Wilson
WR: Kupp, Edelman, Evans, Green, T. Williams, Crowder
Also I can pick up Cory Davis off the waiver wire.
RB: Barkely, D. Freeman, Brieda, S. michel
Wondering if I should trade both Michel and Brieda for Lev Bell so I have a locked and loaded RB 1 along with Barkley.
TE: G. Everett

If you can pull it off, yeah ofcourse. You’ll just probably have a hard time convincing the Bell owner. Depends on his needs, and if he thinks Bell is somewhat of a bust. He may want a WR instead of one of those two.
But if he bites. go for it.

I think he needs a WR. I tried trading him D Freeman and A.J. Green for Bell and he wouldn’t bite.

Not surprised, Freeman is poo, and AJ hasn’t played all year, and might not be back for a few weeks. He’s going to want a weekly starter with potential, plus someone for depth. Try one of your 3 WRs (Kupp/Edelman/Evans), plus Michel.