Michel and Ingram for Zeke?

I tried doing Tevin and Ingram for Zeke, but he threw this back. Do I do it?

what does the rest of your RB core look like Michel, Ingram, Coleman +

And Saquon. I feel like he has little to no negotiating power because beyond Zeke, he has Dion Lewis, Darren Sproles and Chris Ivory

It’s tough because he’s right to hold his ground and Tevin and Ingram would be a steal for you, equally you don’t want to sell yourself short on depth because i worry that Zeke isn’t 100% matchup proof and has a rough schedule down the stretch for RBs.

I don’t hate either trade, you end up with Saquon, Zeke as every week plays and can flex either Coleman/Michel/Ingram depending on who you give up. Would you feel better about Michel and Tevin for Zeke and would he go for that? I think you will need to give up Michel for him to budge and Ingram and Tevin are fairly similar ROS in my view

Yeah, that’s definitely my fear with Ingram and Tevin. I might feel ok doing Tevin and Michel, but he also needs help at WR depth because while he has Aj And Thielen, his depth behind them is ARob, Kelvin and Crowder… so I might consider giving him his choice of Alshon, DJ Moore, Baldwin or Kenny G to the original so I can have A solid 3 of Zeke, Saquon and Michel.

That’s a good play, if you get Baldwin worked in there that would be good i think but might be hard work with his recent form. Could use the DJ Moore hype and then Tevin see what you can get done. If you are using Tevin and Ingram i would allow the choice of Moore, Baldwin or Kenny G but i’d much prefer to hold Kenny and Alshon, Alshon so much so that i wouldn’t include him to be honest

Ehh, Alshon can be very boom or bust. Dont like to have those kind of players on my team.

True, i’m assuming you have another solid WR1 here so wont actually miss any of these WRs, in that case i’d agree go get Zeke!

I have Keenan Allen as the only untouchable!

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Sounds good to me, you should be able to get a deal done for Zeke with all that capital and the fact the other guy is open to trading him - Zeke owner in my league is in a similar position poor RB and WR depth behind Zeke and Thielen. Tried and tried but gave up in the end lol