Michel Cook and yeldon PLEASE HELP

I have Jalen Richard or I can pick up kenjon barner from waivers to start at my rb2. Should I start either of those guys over yeldon?? Capri bibbs ivory mostert on waivers as well. Any help would be much appreciated this is a must win week

I’m gonna stick with Yeldon, espeically if its PPR. I dont think Hyde will eat into his catches that much but I could be wrong. either way all of the RBs are going to be splitting time with other rbs might as well go with someone who has proved himself already

That’s a good point barner is very interesting because that bills game is a blowout waiting to happen and someone has to get those goaline carries and I don’t think they see white as a goal line back.

Richard or barner for a pickup this week?

I would go Barner out of the two because i dont see Oakland getting to the redzone too often :stuck_out_tongue: