Michel for Golladay

Was just offered Golladay for Michel. .5ppr 10 team redraft. My team is below. Not sure how to feel about Sony. Thinking about taking the trade, and just seeking opinions.

RB:Zeke, Cook, Michel, Damien Williams, T. COleman
WRs: Evans, Woods, DJ Moore, MVS


I probably would too. Michel is a mystery this year. Expected so much more and he’s could blow up anytime like he did late last year. Hard to trust the patriots because how they gameplan each week.

Michel will be more valuable later in the season when the weather begins to turn.

So you would take it as well?

Yes. I’d rather have Golladay right now.

You still have solid RBs so yeah.

Even with Golladay’s injury he is a better value than Michel.