Michel for McLaurin

I have Sony Michel. A guy in my league was interested in him last week. He has Terry McLaurin. Here’s the breakdown:

My RBs: Michel, Aaron Jones, Ekeler, Coleman (back after the bye week), and Montgomery.

His RBs: Fournette, Lindsay, Ingram, Singletary.

Would YOU take Michel straight up for McLaurin at this point. If it’s a no, what kind of package would you look for? Michel + another RB? Michel + a mid/low WR?

I do have Hardman, Kirk, Westbrook and Woods as WR to potentially package.

I personally wouldn’t take that 1:1 but it doesn’t hurt to offer it. Then if he declines add something else on.

UPDATE: I made the offer and he accepted. I gave up Sony Michel and got Terry McLaurin.

Was it the right move? Love it or hate it footballers?

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I think it was a good move. Sony is up in the air with his ROS possibilities and then Terry looks like the real deal even as a rookie.

Good move as a Sony owner I’m considering a similar trade. I’d love to give it one more week, but biting the bullet seems like the way to go. Nice job.

I would say so - Sony losing value by the week