Michel or DJ ROS?

Title is self explanatory. Do you think DJ can be more productive than Michel down the stretch?

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I rather have DJ, he has a known consistent role, is healthy and past the bye.

Michel. Easily.

Michel is practically healthy. All reports point to him coming back this week and he was close to a return last week.

Just because of how bad the Cards offense is right? I mean, I shouldn’t really be concerned about belichick turning to a 3 back system with Patterson, correct… He’s gotta know that Michel is by far his best option when running the ball.

It does seem like he is going to play, I agree, but the Patriots do play with the information they throw out.

DJ has been a high end RB2 and Sony Michel seemed to be right around there, low end RB1 during weeks 4 to 6. If he slots back right in the same usage then he has a bit more value than DJ, but I don’t know how much more. If they put Patterson in the mix does it affect him? Maybe…

I’m not saying its a crystal clear DJ for me, but I think I would still take him over Michel.

lets not forget patterson is not a rb lol I’m sure he will go back to special teams and stay ther e unless michel can’t suit up

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lol I didn’t forget. But we are talking about Belichick here…

yes, indeed we are i guess nothing is out of the question when it comes to patriots but i have full confidence in firing up michel this week

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