Michel or Jacobs ROS?

Who do you prefer? Jacobs likely to get the workload but on a worse team which risks game-script. Michel is on the more powerful offense, but NE backfield is so variable that it is hard to predict outcomes.

Standard scoring.

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Jacobs for me.

Jacobs for sure

Jacobs…less duds

Jacobs for sure. He’s a stud, just on a mediocre offense. Even in a game with a bad game script he still put up 99 yards before being taken out.

Wow, I’m second guessing my pick now. My first gut thought was Michel based on scoring opportunities. I have Jacobs in a couple leagues (including a standard) and if I got offered Michel straight up I’d take it. I’ll grant it that Jacobs has looked much more explosive through 2 weeks than Michel has looked. My mind can be changed though.

My thought is that Jacobs will get touches no matter what. Michel has been known to disappear based on what Bill wants. That on top of the fact that Jacobs has looked really good is what makes me want Jacobs.

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