Michel or Kerryon

Full PPR. Rest of season… who would you rather roster? Obviously Kerryon is the most talented back on that team but do we think theyll ever actually give him the nod? After seeing how the pats utilized Michel in the first game Im startting to lean towards him… yes hes ‘guaranteed’ to be in a committee, but on a much better offense and he obviously has more innate talent than Kerryon… unless Kerryon’s situation changes drastically… I vote Michel RoS.

I think it’s a toss up who ends up as the better fantasy asset at year end. They are both talented backs that need opportunity to increase. In a trade scenario, I would be taking Michel though. He seems more likely to be usable right now then Johnson who could be a few weeks or more out before being a true fantasy starter.

I’ve been a Michel Truther since before the draft. In my eyes, he’s the most talented/versatile runner after Barkley. He is the most talented back on that roster and it isn’t even close. First week back, he got 11 carries. I expect his role to grow into the Lewis role from last year and perhaps even a bit more if he can pick up on the offense a bit faster.

I also own Kerryon and placed my bets on him everywhere. He is also clearly the most talented running back on that team. However, Jim Bob Cooter is a moron. I have zero faith in his ability to do anything. I also have zero faith in the Lions defense to do anything. I have way more faith in Patriots to score and Bill to figure out a way to make the defense play above its talent level. I cannot say either of those things for detroit. All they do is fall behind and then send Riddick out there like the defense is supposed to be fooled by him running the ball at all. Makes no sense but they continue to do it.

I love Michel and think he’s a potential league winner. I own both but if I had to choose, I’d take Michel pretty comfortably.