Michel or McGuire?

Should I start Michel or McGuire? Any input? Can’t believe I’m asking lol

McGuire. Remember rule 666: Belichek hates your fantasy team


To every question about patriots rb i see from here on out on this site from week 13-17 i will say as follows.
“If I draft a pats rb I will trade him by the trade deadline”

The Evil Empire will play a minimum of 3 rb per game during these weeks. it sucks ass for fantasy. you will get burned by suddenly low volume, your opponent will vulture tds from you. you will piss and moan about losing your playoff match.

Even the best pats rbs are hard to rely on in fantasy playoffs. that being said a jets team heading for a high draft pick could be just as unpredictable and give two young players shared volume.
but still probably a safer floor than a slumping sony

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If you play mcguire over michel i guess u start jaylen samuels over both of them right?

Is belichick really such a d*ck every year or are you just making a fun of this?
(1st season ff)

Is that a real question??