Michel or Singletary full ppr? Can’t decide 🤯

Going back and forth on them. Michel has 2 great games against kC last yr but with his current season I don’t know if I should roll with him?

Can you see the pats giving Michel those types of carries again though, I think he had 29 rushes in the playoffs. He is due for a TD too but I don’t see him playing as much as he was before. And it’s tough to call against a good D with Singletary. His qb has been playing well so I’d say that’s a boom or bust

Only positive about Singletry is being RB 1 for his team and he won’t have to share his snaps with two other guys. Mostert went nuts against ravens in Baltimore and I’m hoping Singletary has a good game too. I kinda want to take chances with him over someone who has been disappointing week after week.