Michel or white?

I got lucky and got both. Which one should I play? I could take Connor out and play both but I don’t want to do that

I’m sticking to my guns and playing Michel. KC’s run game defense is straight garbage. And As good as white has been, I don’t think 12-14 receptions a 1-2TDs a game is sustainable.

And I think Bill is smart enough to run the ground game to keep Mahomes on the sidelines. Probably the only way to defend against him.

What about ROS in a .5ppr?

I think Michel will only get better throughout the year but I also think White will have plenty of value moving forward just maybe not at the same level he has right now.
If there were a week to play them both i think it would be this week, the over/under is 60 points so there will more than likely be plenty of value to spread around

I would lean towards White…the dude is probably gunna have 47 catches lol but honestly you really can’t go wrong here. White has the higher upside because KCs D is atrocious.

ROS I’m sticking with Michele…his volume is RB1 status and gets used in the passing game, to a lesser extent.